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The financial world has been turned upside in recent years by regulation and innovation. High-growth, successful businesses now often struggle to secure funding from traditional sources and investors face uninspiringly low interest rates.

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What people say?

The future of marketing and brand building

“Black Swan Edge is the future of investor acquisition marketing and brand building. [They] …have run two successful campaigns for us. Black Swan researched the position, reputation, and awareness of our product and service prior to launch.

What people say?

An approach based on solid intelligence

“That intelligence helped build our brand, define our best target audience, how to approach them and acquire an extensive list of qualified leads.  Black Swan ran the marketing / brand strategy and the technology behind the campaign, booking the emails, press, OOH displays, online digital adwords/banner ads, and social media.  

What people say?

Underpinned with great technology

“The Black Swan campaign technology platform supported the financial promoter to manage the call centre, online registration, client capture, onboarding, payment and welcome processes.  Our whole campaign was designed, run, monitored and fine-tuned in real time with the ability to instantly react to events and not miss an opportunity. Black Swan’s research, intelligence, planning, implementation, monitoring and financial promotion campaign technology platform is the future of client acquisition marketing and brand building.”